ISO 8000 Certification

ISO 8000 Certification: ISO 8000 is the global standard for Data Quality and Enterprise Master Data. It describes the features and defines the requirements for standard exchange of Master Data among business partners. It establishes the concept of Portability as a requirement for Enterprise Master Data, and the concept that true Enterprise Master Data is unique to each organization.

Master Data is commonly used to manage critical business information about products, services and  materials, constituents, clients and counter-parties, and for certain immutable transactional and operational records.

ISO 8000-115:2018 is one of the emerging technology standards that large and complex organizations are turning to in order to improve business processes and control operational costs. The standard is in the process of being published as a number of separate documents, called ‘parts’.

The ISO 8000 standard was first proposed in 2002, and the first components were approved in 2009. Part 115, which describes ‘Quality Identifier Prefixes’ for ‘Quality Identifiers,’ was approved in 2017.

ISO 8000 Certification Process

Process to get ISO certificate is as follows:

1. Provide us your business information : our executive will visit your premises (Free of cost meeting).
2. Our executive will assess your business activity & will provide you quote
3. You need to sign certification agreement (application) & pay certification fee
4. CDG’s ‘ISO 8000 Auditor’ will conduct audit of your organization.
5. After successful audit CDG will take certification decision
6. An ISO 8000-115:2018 certificate will be awarded to your organization.